Rumour: These Nine Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass (March 15-31)
Image: Weird West

Update: Microsoft has now officially confirmed the leaked list of games below, and we've updated the table with dates and platforms for each of them.

A Memoir Blue is the only game that wasn't in the official roundup, but we've included it anyway as it's already been announced for Xbox Game Pass and is currently scheduled to arrive on March 24th.

Original story: The latest batch of Xbox Game Pass titles appears to have leaked early once again, courtesy of Dealabs user billbil-kun. We're expecting Microsoft to confirm these today, although we're also anticipating a couple of additions to the leaked list, as both A Memoir Blue and Crusader Kings 3 for console have already been announced for March.

Here's the full list of games:

Date Game Platform
March 17th Shredders Series X, Series S, PC
March 17th The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk Console, PC, Cloud
March 22nd Tainted Grail: Conquest Console
March 22nd Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Console, PC, Cloud
March 24th A Memoir Blue Console, TBD
March 24th Norco PC
March 24th F1 2021 (EA Play) Console
March 29th Crusader Kings 3 Series X, Series S
March 31st Weird West Console, PC, Cloud

In addition to these, three games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on March 31st including Shadow Warrior 2, and a couple of removals have also been confirmed for April, with F1 2019 leaving EA Play to make way for the 2021 version.

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