We've been waiting on it a while, and now we've finally got a date for Shredders on Xbox Game Pass, as the snowboarding title has been confirmed to arrive on March 17, 2022. Plus, it's an Xbox console launch exclusive!

The game is described as "a love letter to snowboarding", featuring a huge unlockable open world with diverse locations, a range of professional riders and real snowboarding equipment, "epic" missions, online multiplayer and much more.

Shredders takes inspiration from the classic Amped games on the original Xbox (along with a bunch of snowboarding films), and it looks like it's shaping up to be a great addition when it arrives on Game Pass in just a couple of weeks.

Just keep in mind that there's no Xbox One release for this one — it's Series X, Series S and PC only.

You and your pal are making goofball snowboarding videos at the Frozen Wood resort when brand ambassador Lisa makes an offer for a couple of sponsored videos. She gives you a glimpse of a whole new world of snowboarding, professional riders, snowmobiles, and epic features to shred. An invitational has attracted a whole bunch of pro-riders to the area, and with Lisa’s help you have a chance to meet some of them, learn a bunch of their moves, and possibly even get a chance to join them in the kick ass invitational!

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