Another Three Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (March 31)

Microsoft has revealed the next set of four games that will be removed from Xbox Game Pass in the latter part of March 2022, and we've also got confirmations on a couple of games that will be leaving in April.

Keep in mind that Madden NFL 20 and F1 2019 are EA Play games, and are being removed from that service specifically. Both games have been replaced with newer versions on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Here's the full list of games currently set to leave later in March 2022:

Date Game Platform
March 31st Madden NFL 20 (EA Play) Console, PC, Cloud
March 31st Narita Boy Console, PC, Cloud
March 31st Shadow Warrior 2 Console, PC, Cloud

In addition, the following two games have been confirmed to be leaving in April:

Date Game Platform
April 11th Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Shadowkeep, Forsaken PC
April 18th F1 2019 Console, PC

As always, Xbox Game Pass members can get a discount of (at least) 20% on these titles before they're removed.

Don't forget that more Game Pass titles are on the way soon, including F1 2021, Shredders, Weird West and more!

Sad to see these games go? Let us know your favourite of these in the comments.