Cloister Interactive's hand-drawn magical realist adventure, A Memoir Blue, has seen its February release date pushed back to March 24th. However, there's some good news — it's also releasing with Xbox Game Pass on day one!

The game, which sees players explore the memories of Miriam, a superstar athlete who is triggered into looking back and exploring her relationship with her mother, will be held back "in order to deliver a quality experience that meets our standards", according to a post on the developer's official Twitter account.

It's always good to see a developer taking its time to ensure its game is as good as it wants it to be before pushing it out the door!

You can check out a few more official PR details and a handful of screenshots of this one below;

A Memoir Blue is an atmospheric journey through the memories of Miriam: a champion swimmer, who on the day of her greatest success dwells on her childhood memories of her mother and a special trip they took.

Experience this personal story through a beautiful mixture of 3D animation and hand-drawn 2D. Interact and play with dreamlike objects in tactile ways that will surprise and delight players as they dig deeper into what was really happening that day.

A gorgeously illustrated story of magical realism, A Memoir Blue shows that the past is a puzzle worth solving.

Will you be checking out A Memoir Blue when it arrives in late March? Let us know in the comments.