A new asymmetric horror game is on the horizon, centred around the Evil Dead franchise. A couple months ahead of launch, lead character Bruce Campbell is here to explain a little bit more about how the game's Kandarian Demon works.

The Kandarian Demon is one of Evil Dead: The Game's killers; the characters you play as when tackling a team of survivors. As the Demon, you'll be able to take control of your Deadite minions, certain environmental objects and the survivors themselves, to cause chaos. The killer is customisable too, with Henrietta, Eligos, and Evil Ash variants.

Evil Dead

If PvP isn't your thing, no matter, Evil Dead: The Game also contains PvE content. You'll be able to play the core game on your own, and there'll be a selection of single player missions included too, tasking you with surviving the night in different scenarios.

We're curious to see just how much single player stuff is in here, but regardless, the multiplayer sounds like a hell of a good time too. Evil Dead: The Game launches May 13th, 2022 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Will you be trying to survive the night come May? Let us know your thoughts on this one in the comments.