Evil Dead The Game Has Been Pushed Back To 2022, Single Player Mode Being Added

Evil Dead: The Game was intended to be a Halloween treat for all us horror fans out there, but unfortunately the title has now been pushed back to February 2022.

To ensure the game is the ultimate Evil Dead experience fans have come to expect, the extra time is being used to polish the experience. Not only that, but it's also allowing the team to work on a single-player element, so fans can dive into the game without relying on teammates.

Unfortunately, there's no word on when in February the game will be launching. Not only that, but the announcement carefully uses the word "targeting", suggesting we could be waiting even longer - hopefully not.

The free-to-play Xbox console exclusive ExoMecha was also delayed to 2022 this week, joining the asymmetric multiplayer shooter Resident Evil Re:Verse. We can probably expect a few more delays before the year's end due to the pandemic, so be prepared for more announcements in the future.

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