Halo Infinite BR

So, around Halo Infinite's initial multiplayer launch in November last year, 343 said it had plans to announce a seasonal roadmap in January. January came and went without a roadmap, so 343 subsequently delayed any roadmap plans.

Fast forward a month or so later, and we've still not had an update on that delay. Sure, there have been returning events and ranked updates in recent weeks, but the seasonal roadmap is still nowhere to be seen.

Now, we must stress, the developer never promised that it'd deliver that roadmap in February. When 343's Joseph Staten announced the delay on February 1st, he said the team needed more time to finalize plans, and that an update would arrive as soon as possible.

Well, it looks like a month wasn't long enough, as the beginning of March has passed with no update. It's reasonable to think that 343 wants to get everything in line before announcing more info, but the lack of communication is somewhat surprising.

It's not just us that's surprised either. 343's John Junyszek recently posted a bit of a riddle on Twitter, and unsurprisingly, fans didn't take too well to the post. It seems like plenty others were expecting a roadmap update sometime last month.

Even so, we think what 343 has built with Halo Infinite is fantastic, and we should all cut them some slack regarding major updates. Sure, things haven't been as smooth as expected post-launch, but the updates will arrive, with a little patience.

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