It's been a few short months since Forza Horizon 5 launched, and debate is already raging on various platforms as to where the next game should be set. Fans are bringing up all sorts of requests, including Chile, Germany and even somewhere in Africa. However, you guessed it, Japan is right up there as a top request.

In a Reddit thread titled "Horizon 6 should be set in Japan. Change my mind", things are getting quite feisty. There's a core group of Forza fans that have wanted Japan for a few games now, although they're starting to get some pushback.

The lust for a Japanese location doesn't stop at us mere fans either. Xbox exec Jason Ronald recently guest starred on the Xbox Era podcast, and he too brought up Japan (or China) as a location he'd like to see. Jason was quick to note that he had no inside knowledge on the next location, but, we'll see. Here's what he had to say:

"Personally I would love to see something in Asia — Japan, China, something like that — but at the end of the day, I trust Playground [Games] and whatever they do next they're going to do an amazing job with."

The topic of Forza in Japan is a regular one on the Forza forums too. There's near-constant requests for the location to be considered for the next Horizon game, with players pointing towards its car culture, and its geographical differences to past Horizon games, as big reasons for the Horizon Festival to make its mark in the country.

There's a little bit of nostalgia sprinkled in there too, from what we can gather. Need for Speed was once a much more relevant racing series, and its open worlds, while fictional, were often filled with bright neon lights and tight city streets that would feel right at home in a Japanese location.


Here at Pure Xbox HQ, we have mixed opinions on the matter. Some of us question whether Japan is the best fit for the Horizon Festival, while others think it's clearly the place to go next. We all agree that the series could do with a change of scenery for its sixth entry though, as mentioned in our Forza Horizon 5 review.

Do you think Forza Horizon 6 should be set in Japan? Let us know below.