Dying Light 2 Comparison Video Showcases Three Performance Modes On Xbox Series X

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has given us a closer look at the Xbox Series X version of its upcoming zombie adventure. The high-end next gen version supports three modes: Quality, Performance, and Resolution.

So, let's have a look at all three. Quality mode aims to deliver the richest visual experience, featuring ray tracing, running at 30 frames per second. Resolution mode also targets 30fps, but goes for all-out pixel count and ditches ray tracing and other advanced graphical features. Finally, Performance mode ups that frame rate target to 60fps, and it'll be able to go even higher than that if your display supports Variable Refresh Rates.

Going purely off the short clip posted, Performance mode takes our fancy. Belting it across rooftops looks nice and smooth at 60+fps, and we'll take that increased fluidity all day long. It's still great to have these options though, especially a mode that supports ray tracing to show off our shiny new consoles.

Sadly, if you do have friends that don't have a shiny new console, cross-gen play won't be supported at launch. That means you won't be able to play through the co-op campaign with someone on Xbox One if you're on Series X, for example. It sounds like they'll be looking into it after launch, along with cross-play, but neither are confirmed as of yet.

Which Dying Light 2 mode will you be playing on? Let us know below.