Dying Light 2 Will Take Advantage Of VRR On Xbox Series X & PC

It's quite crazy to think that Dying Light 2 will finally be with us as soon as this December, but it will, and speaking to MP1st, Techland has revealed a bit more information about the game's Quality and Performance modes.

Firstly, the game's Quality Mode will feature ray tracing, in which players will "observe greater accuracy of e.g. volumetric effects and many other frame post-processing elements". Specifically, the ray tracing is said to "significantly improve the quality of the scene, with an emphasis on environment lighting".

Meanwhile, the Performance Mode will target 60fps, but most interestingly, Xbox Series X (and possibly Series S) owners, along with PC users, will supposedly be able to go above 60fps if they're using a display that supports Variable Refresh Rate, often referred to as VRR.

"For those who, as you, appreciate smooth gameplay, we have prepared the Performance mode, which focuses on a high frame-rate (60FPS + optionally with VRR), making the experience of fast gameplay elements such as a course or combat even more smooth."

VRR is a technique which essentially works to eliminate screen tearing so you can get a clean and smooth image while playing Xbox Series X|S games (trust us, it's great!), but it's not widely supported yet by the vast majority of TVs and monitors. In fact, even the PlayStation 5 doesn't utilise VRR yet, so this is Xbox (and PC) exclusive for now.

If you do have the ability to make use of it though, it sounds like it'll be a superb fit for Dying Light 2! Hopefully the feature will also benefit Xbox Series S, although Techland didn't mention anything specific about this in the interview.

Will you be taking advantage of VRR with Dying Light 2 on Xbox Series X? Tell us below.

[source mp1st.com]