Video: 343 Provides An Extensive Look At Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay

Hands up, who wanted some Halo Infinite campaign gameplay footage? That's exactly what we've been treated to today, with both IGN and Game Informer providing a first look at some raw glimpses of the single-player adventure.

We're not going to bore you by waffling on about this - we know you just want to get to the footage - but it's worth noting that both outlets also have huge previews that you can read on their websites as well. Here are some snippets:


"After my time with it, I can say I’m confident I'll enjoy the exploration part of Halo Infinite. The story part is what I’m most curious about now. 343 needs to stick the landing in the plot department, especially with regard to giving us a satisfying resolution to the Chief and Cortana’s relationship. If they can do that, then they’ll have successfully and definitively made Halo their own."

Game Informer

"After several hours with Halo Infinite, it’s clear 343 is trying new things, especially related to optional exploration and upgrades. But I was also surprised by the pacing and flow of battles, and how much they recalled the earliest games in the Halo canon... Even after just those few hours, it seems clear that this new juggernaut release will offer the most expansive and choice-driven Halo experience to date."

What are your thoughts on this footage? Liking the look of Halo Infinite? Let us know down below.