Former SEGA of America president and Xbox head Peter Moore was a guest on the Xbox Pioneers: Creativity & Innovation panel earlier this week, and spoke a little bit about the legacy of the doomed SEGA Dreamcast.

Moore has always talked about his fondness for the console, and mentioned during the discussion that the SEGA team had already stablished a strong relationship with Microsoft at that time, as the Dreamcast utilised a Windows operating system (CE). This led to SEGA and Xbox developing a rapport pretty early on:

"We had started to build a rapport with [the Xbox team] and started to bring together the two consoles with the synergy of online being the real key, and this concept of social gaming, which — and no disrespect to the Nintendos and Sonys at that time — but they were still seeing it very much as you versus me, boys in the bedroom on the couch."

Moore went on to admit that the Dreamcast was ahead of its time and ultimately lost out to the PlayStation 2, but the "baton was passed to Xbox", with SEGA also choosing to collaborate with Microsoft as a third-party publisher.

And ultimately, Moore believes that the Dreamcast's legacy still lives on with Xbox today:

"The Dreamcast was ahead of its time and it sadly didn't quite make it in the face of the impending PlayStation FUDing — fear, uncertainty and doubt that came along — and they did it brilliantly. But as the Dreamcast unfortunately faded into the sunset, the baton was passed to Xbox. We started to collaborate... and we started to bring content to the Xbox."

"I think that the next few years, as we started to take off with Xbox Live and believed in this idea of online gaming together... there's still a little bit of a legacy of the SEGA Dreamcast in there somewhere."

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