Kill It With Fire dropped onto Xbox Game Pass last week, and while it's got lost in the wave of bigger upcoming releases such as Forza Horizon 5 and GTA: San Andreas, it's certainly not one to be missed - especially for any achievement hunters out there.

The basic premise of Kill It With Fire sees you wiping out hundreds of spiders using anything and everything. Revolvers, flamethrowers and even RPGs can be used to exterminate the pests, and it's a frightfully good time. Even if you're an arachnophobe - like us - it's really not too scary, and it's actually more empowering to take on those eight-legged freaks.

But as previously mentioned, and as the title suggests, the achievements are the real star here. Having jumped into the game over the weekend, we were able to blitz through the game's 24 achievements in just a couple of hours. We probably could have been finished even quicker if playing around in the toybox environments wasn't such a total blast.

While the levels seem to be stacked with an abundance of collectables and objectives at first, they're all incredibly easy to find and complete. There's even an upgrade for your radar later on which enables you to find any missing collectables. If you're still struggling, there's a fantastic guide over at PlayStation Trophies.

Simply completing these objectives only takes an hour or two, which just leaves the miscellaneous achievements. These genuinely are as simple as burning some money, smashing some dishes or even smacking a piano. It's not long before you'll have the full 1000 gamerscore.

Kill it With Fire highlights one of the positives of Xbox Game Pass - quick, simple games that are a blast to play and reward the player. It's perfect for anyone looking for an evening's worth of entertainment.

Don't let this fun little indie gem pass you by while it's in the service.

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