Halo Infinite's Campaign Has Had One Xbox Exec ‘Smiling’ Since Playing It
Image: 343 Industries

With Halo Infinite fast approaching and multiplayer getting the bulk of the attention, some fans are worried about the game's campaign. The last we saw of it was during an Xbox showcase back in 2020, which left fans sceptical after its initial reveal. Since then we've heard very little of its development, but one Xbox executive has recently praised it after getting their hands on it.

In response to a fan expressing how much fun the Halo Infinite technical preview was, Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg revealed he'd been jumping into the campaign recently, which left nothing but a smile on his face.

While it's obvious an Xbox exec is going to praise the game, the campaign response was unprompted. If the campaign was in a dire state, which many believe, we imagine the team wouldn't want to be bringing attention to the fact.

Back in August, the head of creative on Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten, told fans the team will "absolutely show campaign gameplay before launch", but they just need to focus on finishing up on development. With December just two short months away, we imagine it won't be too long until we see the game in action again.

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