The lack of Halo Infinite campaign gameplay this year has been frustrating for many fans. After last year's showing, which left a sour taste in the community's mouths, 343 Industries really needs to win back a lot of players for its campaign. Don't worry, the developer isn't tone-deaf and there's actually a reason why it hasn't been shown yet.

The consensus was that people believed Gamescom would be the time for the campaign to finally re-emerge with a release date. While we got the latter, no gameplay for the campaign was anywhere to be found.

Why? Well, the answer actually resided in last week's development update on the game, where the head of creative on Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten, revealed the team will "absolutely" be showing gameplay before launch. For now though, the team still needs to focus on shutdown mode for Halo Infinite before its December release date.

"Everybody wants to see campaign, especially campaign gameplay. We will absolutely show campaign gameplay before launch, but we just need to stay focused on shutdown mode. Once we're past that hurdle, we're going to be going after things like gameplay captures and trailers, that will all be coming a little bit closer to launch."

While some are worried about the lack of footage, it's good to see some transparency on the issue - even if it was buried within a lengthy development update. It's disappointing we didn't get any gameplay this week, but it doesn't sound like we'll have to wait too long, especially since the game now has a solid release date.

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