The latest entry in the horror series from Until Dawn creator Supermassive Games has arrived today in the form of The Dark Pictures: Anthology: House of Ashes, and the first reviews have been hitting the web over the past 24 hours.

Is it worth picking up, or should you just wait for it to (hopefully) hit Game Pass? Here's what the critics are saying:

GameSpot (8/10)

"It might not be particularly fear-inducing, but its action set-pieces are fraught with peril for the fate of its characters, and the final act sticks the landing with a satisfying payoff. The series might still be stuck in the smothering shadow of Until Dawn, but House of Ashes is a step in the right direction."

IGN (8/10)

"In many respects, you know exactly what you’re getting with The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. It’s a QTE-filled horrorfest that is often stretching against the limitations of its budget. The script could use some polish and the characters could be a little more outside the box. However, the claustrophobic scares work effectively, and the central mystery of House of Ashes signifies a return to what fans loved about Until Dawn."

Game Informer (7.5/10)

"House of Ashes never came close to terrifying or surprising me, but I still found it a respectable thriller that should make for an entertaining night alone or with up to four friends passing the controller. If you’ve enjoyed the Anthology up to this point, you’ll likely get a kick out of this too. But if you’ve been waiting for The Dark Pictures to reach the heights of Until Dawn, don’t get your hopes up for another year."

We Got This Covered (3.5/5)

"Although it may lack the over-the-top thrills of previous entries, House of Ashes is perhaps the best entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology to date. The cast of characters is strong across the board, and the story boasts a satisfying conclusion previous titles struggled to provide."

GamesRadar (3/5)

"Horror fans are no stranger to weak sequels, and we tend to have a soft spot for ongoing series even when they have a bad day, and despite the issues, the truth is that even at its weakest, The Dark Pictures Anthology offers a unique "trapped in a horror movie" experience that nothing else does, and is accessible enough to make for intense couch co-op with some friends."

The vast majority of reviews for House of Ashes have been on PlayStation 5 so far, with the game sporting a Metacritic rating of 76 based on 38 reviews for that console. The Xbox Series X and Series S version is sitting lower at a rating of 68, but that rating is only based on 4 reviews for the platform. Ultimately, it sounds like a mostly enjoyable time!

Are you picking up House of Ashes this week? Let us know down in the comments below.