It Takes Two Reaches 3 Million Units Sold
Image: Hazelight Studios

It Takes Two was released this year. That's right, 2021 has been going on for that long. With so many incredible game releases, it can be easy to forget this joyous little co-op adventure, but it's one that has performed well for developer Hazelight Studios.

The developer took to Twitter earlier today to share the news that It Takes Two has now hit three million total units sold. Not only is this an impressive number in itself, but it's also not taking into consideration the number of players who checked out the game via the free Friend's Pass.

It's left Hazelight Studios with one clear message - "co-op adventures are here to stay". With A Way Out and It Takes Two following suit, we expect the studio to follow a similar tradition with their next title.

While It Takes Two has been knocked down a few places now, back in April, it managed to become to highest-rated Xbox Series X game of the year. We also loved our time with It Takes Two, praising its level design and co-op gameplay.

Whatever Hazelight Studios has in the works next, if it's as enjoyable as their last two titles, you can certainly count us in.

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