FIFA 22 Fans Are Loving This Year's Gameplay, But Some Pro Players Aren't

Believe it or not, many FIFA fans aren't actually complaining about FIFA 22 this year. Instead, they're praising it as having the best gameplay in a long time, but they've been clashing with select pro players who have a different view.

We've seen a couple of notable instances of this since release, and the latest example brings pro player SNG ZBM into the mix, who recently took to Twitter to claim FIFA 22 was the "worst FIFA title of all time":

In contrast, fans flocked to social media over the weekend to respond with praise for FIFA 22's more "enjoyable" style of gameplay. For a community that historically has been very negative about the series, this is quite the turnaround:

We reviewed FIFA 22 for Xbox Series X earlier this month and found it to be a refreshing breath of fresh air for the franchise, proving slightly slower and allowing for more varied gameplay styles compared to last year. There are still weak points, of course, but calling it the "worst FIFA title of all time" certainly is a bit of a stretch in our view.

Then again, the new style of gameplay won't suit everyone, and there are certainly players who aren't so keen. SNG ZBM's tweet ended up receiving 4000 likes, so there are still plenty who don't consider themselves "fans" this year.

The debate continues to rage on, so what are your thoughts on it? Tell us down below.

What Do You Think Of FIFA 22's Gameplay?