Bloober Team has previously been reported to be working on two new projects, both bigger in terms of scale compared to Xbox Game Pass title The Medium. We now have an indication as to what one of them will be, as the team has shared a look at a new title set in the Layers of Fear universe, running in Unreal Engine 5.

Set to arrive in 2022, the yet-to-be-titled project looks absolutely stunning in its first teaser, completely built with Unreal Engine 5 in mind. As with the other Layers of Fear games, the trailer is based around art, and uses that concept to truly show off Unreal Engine 5 in all its glory. If this is any indication of the full release, then count us in.

It's been rumoured that Bloober Team's other project is related to Silent Hill, following the developer's partnership with Konami. If true, we imagine this title would also be utilising Unreal Engine 5. This is all rumour for now with no concrete information, but if true, we'd be very excited to see what the developer could create.

We'll start seeing some Unreal Engine 5 titles arrive on Xbox Series X|S next year, with Stalker 2 being one of the biggest to have been announced so far. After a year of release, it will be great to finally see next-gen titles pushed even further.

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