Stalker 2 Will Officially Run On Unreal Engine 5
Image: GSC Game World

Stalker 2 came in with an incredible gameplay demo during Xbox's E3 Showcase this year, and now we have confirmation of the tech that powered the eye-watering trailer. Developer GSC Game World has confirmed the game is actually running on Unreal Engine 5.

The game joins a small batch of titles that have been revealed to have moved over to the impressive graphics engine. The next entry in the Stalker series will be one of the first titles implementing Unreal Engine 5 on Xbox Series X and Series S, hopefully showcasing just how powerful these next-gen machines are.

Unreal Engine's Twitter account jokingly replied to Stalker 2's tweet, claiming they "thought it was a secret". However, GSC Game World put their money where their mouth is and came back with a screenshot of the game being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

A few other games are also moving over to UE5 for their development. The Outer Worlds 2 may be one of those games, according to a recent job listing. Others include State of Decay 3, Hellblade 2 and The Coalition's future projects.

In fact, the latter recently shared a tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 in action on Xbox Series X, showcasing just how powerful the new graphics tool is. Not long until we start seeing some truly next-gen experiences!

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