Xbox Gaming
Image: Microsoft

If there’s one thing Xbox has gotten right in recent years, it’s ensuring that gaming is for everyone. From Smart Delivery to a wide variety of titles on Xbox Game Pass, the company works hard to ensure everyone is included. So it’s no surprise they’ve said “gatekeeping and elitism” have no place in the gaming space.

Over the weekend, Xbox put out a shoutout on Twitter to all people who “help and encourage new players”. One response claimed it’s nice when another player gives you good advice rather than simply telling you to “git gud”, which prompted Xbox to respond with their thoughts on the matter.

Not only were they outspoken about the topic of gatekeeping and elitism, but they also added that players should be "proud of [their] achievements and celebrate success, but not as a means to tear other people down".

Accessibility in games has been a huge topic over the past few years, with more and more developers offering new ways to experience their titles. Whether that be an invincibility mode in the case of Psychonauts 2, or Gears 5 offering an abundance of helpful options to ease in players - gaming is being opened up to a wider audience.

It’s always refreshing to see a company on the scale of Xbox speak openly about making gaming for everyone. Hopefully, it's something that continues to grow in time, especially with companies such as Xbox steering the ship.

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