Xbox Fans Are Falling Over Themselves With Praise For Psychonauts 2
Image: Double Fine

Psychonauts 2 launched last week and has certainly made an impression. We even gifted the game a prestigious 10/10 score for its perfect balance of gameplay and approach to mental health. It seems Xbox fans from across the world are also really resonating with the game, at least judging by the reaction online.

There's currently a huge thread on the Xbox Reddit dedicated to fans praising the game, sharing their experiences and recommending it to other players. The thread, by Reddit user solictied_nuke, makes the bold claim it's the best game they've played in the last ten years.

One commenter was quick to call it an "absolute masterpiece of heart, creativity and humour", whilst another said, "it’s the best Nintendo type game by a non-Nintendo affiliated company I’ve played in 15 years".

The official Xbox account even commented on the thread to react to the delightful news, happy to see many new players discovering Psychonauts 2 through Xbox Game Pass.

Reviews across the board have been extremely positive, with many praising it as an early game of the year contender. The success of the game even prompted one PlayStation executive to congratulate Xbox on the launch. It's fantastic to see a modern platformer do so well on Xbox in this day and age, and is hopefully a signal of things to come.

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