Xbox Is Lowering The Price Of Gold In Chile, Hong Kong, Israel
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is lowering the price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in Chile, Hong Kong and Israel, responding to the market in those territories.

The company confirmed the news to VGC, revealing these changes have been made to fall in line with the economic climate of each territory, rather than serving as the beginning of a new strategy. As a result, it's probably best not to expect a decrease anywhere else.

Some of these areas will actually see a fairly big cut in prices too. For example, in Chile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is dropping from 11,990 Chilean pesos to 7,990. Whereas in Hong Kong, users who have paid 119 Hong Kong dollars will now pay 79 dollars.

There's been an argument surrounding the need for Xbox Live Gold for some time now. Up until April, players who wished to jump into free-to-play games needed the subscription service - but that requirement was eventually removed.

Back in January, the company also attempted to increase the price of Xbox Live Gold, pushing it closer to its Game Pass subscription and leading some people to believe it was forcing the hands of consumers to move over. However, the decision was later revoked and Microsoft admitted it "messed up".

Rumours have continually surfaced claiming that Microsoft plans to remove Xbox Live Gold entirely in the future. With Game Pass taking centre stage these days, it will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

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