Watch Dogs Legion's Latest Update Is 40GB On Xbox Series X, 3GB On PS5

If you happen to own Watch Dogs: Legion, you might have noticed that yesterday's patch was a whopping 40.2GB on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and it'll sting even more to know that the same patch was just 3.2GB on PS5.

If you're keeping track, that's well over 10x the size difference on Xbox compared to PlayStation:

  • PS4: 26.6GB
  • PS5: 3.2GB
  • XB1: 23.8GB
  • XSX: 40.2GB
  • PC/Stadia: 25.98GB

Worse still, the patch barely includes anything of note, being limited to just a few bug fixes. Despite this, it seems the Xbox and PS4 versions are insistent on re-installing a large portion of the game again (we've seen reports of this in the past as well), while the PS5 edition doesn't do this.

Microsoft hasn't commented on the contrast between the two next-gen consoles, but it certainly hasn't gone unnoticed across social media, with many people highlighting the vast difference between Xbox Series and PS5.

There may well be a good reason for this, and the patch notes do specifically include a few fixes specifically targeted towards Xbox, but nevertheless it's not great news for those with poor connections and/or download caps.

What are your thoughts on the different in patch size for Watch Dogs: Legion? Let us know down below.