Playground Games has shared a new exciting look at Forza Horizon 5's single-player campaign, Horizon Adventure, which truly looks to be the biggest and best take on the formula yet.

In a lengthy live stream, the developer went through what players will be doing in the campaign. Via an extremely colourful, fun map, players will be able to pick the next mission they want to delve into. There are a variety of on and off-road races, stunt opportunities and something known as Expeditions.

These missions offer something very different for players and are said to be "wow moments" in the game, full of surprises. Along with a primary objective, players will also be presented with side tasks, such as finding hidden secrets or driving to a photo opportunity, for bonus rewards. You'll also earn Accolades, an in-game achievement system that works to progress you through the adventure.

It looks as though there's so much variety on offer, bringing something for all types of players. Those who want to race can easily do so, while anyone who prefers to explore the world is able to do just that. It doesn't matter how you play, you'll constantly progress through the new Accolades systems to ensure there's always a degree of freedom.

The team at Playground Games also showcased the opening eight minutes of Forza Horizon 5 during Gamescom last month. It's looking very impressive and has the potential to be the best entry to date.

Bring it on!

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