UFL kind of came out of nowhere earlier this year, being officially unveiled as part of Gamescom Opening Night Live back in August, and the game generated a lot of attention and hype following that initial appearance.

If you haven't been keeping track, it will be a free-to-play football game centred around "managing your club, forming a roster, developing tactics and competing with other gamers in seasons to prove your skills and climb to the very top of the league." The game's mantra is 'Fair to Play', with a "zero tolerance" policy for pay-to-win elements.

Following that initial look (which you can watch in the YouTube video above), UFL has been active on social media again this week with a very first glimpse at an in-game player model - specifically for Game Ambassador Oleksandr Zinchenko of Manchester City. And once again, we're very impressed with the visuals so far:

No further details have been shared for now, although UFL did also highlight a "card" design of Zinchenko in a follow-up tweet with the message: "Our cards are on the table, but we're not gambling — we're talking #FairToPlay."

Everything's a little bit vague at the moment, but we're definitely very interested in UFL from what we've seen so far, and if the gameplay matches the visuals whenever it eventually arrives on Xbox, it could be very special indeed.

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