Random: Rare Has A Sea Of Thieves Xbox Controller Table And We Want One
Image: Amy Jones

Game developers always seem to have a lot of cool stuff in their offices. Whether it's life-size statues of their mascots or their classic games displayed for all to see, we're incredibly jealous of the environments they get to work in. Feeding that jealousy even further is this new Sea of Thieves table at Rare's headquarters, which just so happens to be themed to their special edition Xbox One controller from 2018.

Amy Jones, a producer at Rare, celebrated her husband Garry Jones' work on Twitter by sharing images of the incredible table he was commissioned to make for the office. Inspired by a unique Sea of Thieves controller, the team are no doubt able to have their dinner breaks in much greater luxury going forward.

We can only imagine what other Easter Eggs reside within the halls these days. With such a rich history of games to choose from, including our personal favourite, Banjo-Kazooie, it must be fascinating to see it all. However, for now, we would happily take our own Xbox controller themed table for our lunch breaks.

Hint, hint...

What do you think of the Sea of Thieves controller table? Let us know in the comments below.

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