An Xbox One Is Being Used To Keep One Family’s Pet Alive
Image: Microsoft

In some wholesome Friday afternoon content, one family has shared a story about how an Xbox One is helping keep their sick Degu alive.

The heart-warming story was shared on Reddit, with some pictures of the Degu being warmed by the Xbox One. According to Reddit user KenRmk, the reason behind this is their pet, named Cookie, is currently fighting an infection. The vet had advised them to keep her warm, but unfortunately, the couple were unable to get their hands on some heat pads. Luckily, some quick thinking led them to use their Xbox One as a source of heat.

While it was easy to keep her warm during the day, the couple used the Xbox as a means to keep her heated overnight. To do so, they've been playing Burnout and idling on the menu to keep the temperature going, then popping in Assassin's Creed Valhalla if things begin getting cold.

It seems the method worked as the couple has updated the thread a few times to tell everyone she seems more energized. We hope Cookie pulls through thanks to this family's genius thinking. A nice story to finish the week on!

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