Here's What Xbox Series X Games Could Look Like As Retro Cartridges
Image: Microsoft, K1llegal, TheLovelySnack

If you're like us, you may have a fondness for the gaming days of a bygone era. There's a certain warm, fuzzy feeling when popping in an old Nintendo 64 cartridge that discs just can't seem to replicate. And with that said, this fan mock-up of what Xbox Series X game cartridges could look like has got us wishing it was real.

Shared by Instagram user TheLovelySnack, these designs provide a retro throwback with a modern twist. Following a similar design to the Xbox Series X's external SSD card, they are seen slipping into the same slot at the back of the console. While it's perhaps not very practical, we can't deny how cool they would be.

We'd even be happy to have these as display pieces to please our inner collectors. We'll never see anything like this, but it's still a cool concept that we imagine in an alternate reality, Microsoft is reaping the benefits of.

What do you think of this Xbox game cartridge concept? Drop us a comment and let us know.