If you're an Xbox user who likes to edit, share and upload game clips to YouTube and social media, you might be interested in checking out the "#1 game capture platform" Medal, as it's partnered with Xbox.

All you'll have to do is link your Xbox account to the Medal client, and then you can create quick links to link your clips and share them with friends, family and anyone else. Here's a bit about it, along with a trailer above:

"We know you’re out there making sick plays on Xbox that you’re just dying to share. That’s why, we’re beyond excited to announce our partnership with Xbox to help you bring your best video game moments to the world — on Medal.

"By syncing your Medal and Xbox accounts, not only will you be able to seamlessly share your clips with the world on Medal from your Xbox — but you can also watch and share your favorite gaming moments across all your devices with our Desktop and Mobile apps. Oh, and you can keep your squad happy and share the clout with your friends, by tagging them in the crazy plays they helped you make. In addition to all that awesome, soon we’ll be releasing mobile editing — making editing on the go easier than ever."

Would you be interested in using something like this? Leave a comment down below.

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