Industry Insider Shares Battlefield 2042's Alleged Beta Dates
Image: EA DICE

Can you believe we're just a few weeks away from Battlefield 2042? It only seems like yesterday leaks for the initial trailer were slipping through the cracks left, right and centre. Fast forward to today and we're all now eagerly anticipating the release of the open beta, which one known industry insider has claimed to have revealed the dates for.

Tom Henderson, a known Battlefield and Call of Duty leaker who has correctly reported information ahead of its reveal in the past, has shared numerous dates for the upcoming beta. According to Henderson, the early access portion of the beta will go live on September 22, with it opening up to all players on September 24.

The information is also claimed to have been corroborated by another industry insider in the form of Jeff Grubb. According to VGC, Grubb recently said during a Giant Bomb Show (which is behind a paywall) that he had also heard the same dates from his own separate sources.

“This is something I originally heard from Tom Henderson, who is a very good Battlefield leaker, and then I was able to confirm it separately.”

EA has previously said Battlefield 2042's beta will be running sometime in September, but it's nice to perhaps have some clarification on when that may be. Of course, these dates haven't been confirmed as of yet, but with multiple insiders claiming it to be true, and Henderson even going as far as to put his money where his mouth is, we wager it's most likely real.

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