Halo: MCC

343 Industries has greatly improved Halo: The Master Chief Collection since its initial release on the Xbox One.

It's now many years into the game's ongoing development cycle, and to enhance the experience even more, the team has been updating the multiplayer component with some additional extras. Following on from a few new (but old) maps from the cancelled Halo Online game, 343 has now revealed some new armour designs - specifically for Halo 3 - in season 8 of the MCC.

While these new "mythic" designs are meant to feature their own unique "world-building" stories, some Halo fans are worried this might be a step too far - suggesting the game might lose its identity while drawing comparisons to games such as Bungie's Destiny 2 and even The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

There are just as many people (and more) who absolutely love the new look 'mythic' armours. And as noted just above, you can always disable these cosmetic updates on your own end to keep the classic Halo 3 experience intact.

You can get a better look at the new armour sets in Issue 118 of Cannon Fodder over on Halo Waypoint and learn a bit more about the ideas behind these designs, too.

With all the mixed reactions, we're curious to know what everyone here at Pure Xbox thinks about this new free update included with Season 8 of the MCC. Are you a fan of what you've seen so far? Vote in our poll and leave a comment down below.

What do you think of the new Mythic armour sets for MCC Season 8?

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