Bright Memory: Infinite Is Still Slated For A 2021 Release, New Images
Image: FYQD Studio

Bright Memory: Infinite has this habit of slipping off our radar for a few months, then popping back up, showcasing just how promising it looks. These new images have got us all excited for the game again, along with the news of it still being on track for a 2021 release.

Developer FYQD Studio reiterated their aim for a 2021 release window when asked by a fan on Twitter. According to the studio, a "release date will be announced when the console version is ported".

The four new images were also shared on Twitter, and while they don't reveal too much, they do deliver another promising look at this beautiful game. Showcasing some impressive visuals, character models and stunning particle effects, it's something we can't wait to see on our Xbox Series X|S when it eventually launches.

In the meantime, you can already check out Bright Memory 1.0 and get a cheap and cheerful look at what the bigger and better Bright Memory: Infinite will be all about. It's currently available on Xbox Series X|S at a slightly discounted price of £5.35 / $6.39 at the time of writing - but be quick - it's only on sale for a few more hours!

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