Best Buy Customers Queue Around The Block For Xbox Series X

Last night, Best Buy confirmed that it would be having more restocks of the Xbox Series X and PS5 in select stores today at 7:30am local time, and once again they've resulted in queues around the block across the US.

Loads of customers and observers have been taking to Twitter to share their coverage of the queues, with huge demand still very evident for the two consoles, despite the fact they've been officially available for almost a year now.

We've seen plenty of folk who were successful at grabbing an Xbox Series X during the restock, so hopefully it wasn't a wasted journey for anyone who got stuck in one of these queues. Some of them were very long!

With any luck, we won't have to witness scenes like these with the Xbox Series X and PS5 this time next year, as there's hope the stock situation will have picked up by then. That said, Toshiba recently commented on the global chip shortage affecting the tech industry, suggesting some customers 'may not be fully served until 2023'.

Were you at Best Buy earlier today to pick up an Xbox Series X? Let us know how you got on down below.

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