343 Industries Shares A Sneak Peek At 'The Art Of Halo Infinite'

Halo Infinite's second technical preview is now officially underway, but just over 24 hours ago, you might remember that 343 Industries warned it could be delayed due to some unexpected issues prior to release.

It turns out those issues were related to 343 accidentally including a bunch of concept art files in the build, but rather than delay the flight, the studio decided to just keep them in and share them publicly on Halo Waypoint.

"This art represents a wide range of ideas that we explored early in pre-production and that we planned to share at a later date, as part of Infinite’s pre-launch promotion and other initiatives such as the upcoming “The Art of Halo Infinite” from our partners at Dark Horse (check out some sample excerpts below). For a time, we used these images as loading screens for internal studio builds—and that’s how they accidentally ended up in the Tech Preview build."

The art doesn't spoil anything from the campaign, so don't worry about that, and there are a whopping 67 images in all that you can download from the website in HD or 4K quality. We've picked out some of our highlights below:

"These images have inspired us—filled our minds with wonder and possibilities—and we hope they do the same for you."

HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 002
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 009
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 019
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 022
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 038
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 042
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 045
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 056
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 061
HD HaloInfinite ConceptArt 066

What are your thoughts on this Halo Infinite concept art? Let us know down in the comments below.

[source halowaypoint.com]