343 Admits It Probably 'Over-Hyped' Halo Infinite's Spartan Bots
Image: Xbox

Prior to the original Halo Infinite multiplayer tech preview, 343 spoke about the different levels of bots it would roll out as the beta progressed - with the top tier being spartan bots.

While these bots weren't necessarily pushovers, they weren't quite as scary as they were originally made out to be. Halo's community director, Brian Jarrard, admitted during the latest "early look" broadcast how the team might have "over-hyped" them:

"I'll be the first to admit, we maybe kind of over-hyped it a little bit, right? It's like - oh my gosh, the Spartan bots are coming, we're super scared"

While Spartan bots won't be quite as "punishing" as some expected, the next preview will bump the overall difficulty of bots - especially now that the 'Recruit' bot is in the mix.

Halo Infinite multiplayer designer, Sarah Stern, elaborated on this:

"For this next preview, we've bumped the difficulty across the board...the bots should be a little bit more challenging this time. And we've kind of flipped on a couple of new behaviours that we're interested in seeing, so Spartans will share some information with each other as though, you know, they're teammates trying to call out positions - so really curious to see how people react to that."

How did you find the Spartan bots the first time around? Did they challenge you at all? Tell us down below.

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