After a number of rumours, id Software and Bethesda this week announced (and released) a Quake remaster on all platforms including the Xbox Series X and S.

As you might have already heard - Nightdive Studios assisted in bringing the game to these modern systems.

Nightdive game developer and YouTuber, MVG, has also revealed his own involvement as a senior developer on the project, and while his main focus was on the PlayStation release, he also helped out with the Xbox and Switch versions.

"For those wondering about my involvement in the project, as mentioned I'm a senior developer on the KEX Engine team, and focused mainly on the console versions, and predominantly the PlayStation version. But I also jumped in and helped out as needed with the Xbox and Nintendo Switch builds."

In the video above, he talks about how it was a "dream come true" to work with Bethesda and id Software at an official capacity and what to expect from this particular build, including plenty of development insights.

Quake is now available on Xbox Game Pass. You can also check out Quake 2 and Quake 3: Arena on the service.

How Are You Finding The Quake Remaster So Far?