Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
Image: Team Reptile

If you've been keeping tabs on all-things indie this week, you might have heard about a special Nintendo showcase that took place yesterday. Nintendo Life did a great job with its coverage of it, by the way.

One of the highlights was the Team Reptile Jet Set-style game, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. During the broadcast, it was confirmed as a "timed console exclusive" for the Switch and while it's not the best news if you don't own this system, the good news is this timed exclusivity will only last for around a week.

Yep, according to the description in the official game trailer on Team Reptile's YouTube channel, "other platforms" will follow about a week later. Team Reptile also seemingly reconfirmed the short wait via social media:

"Coming 2022 to Steam and Nintendo Switch. Other platforms follow about a week later."

Keep in mind, these other platforms haven't actually been revealed just yet, but the only remaining ones outside of Switch and Steam are Xbox and PlayStation. Fingers crossed.

Would you be interested in playing this kind of game on your Xbox Series X|S? Tell us down below.