Sea Of Thieves A Pirate's Life
Image: Rare

If you played Sea of Thieves when it originally set sail in 2018, you might recall how it was plagued by a number of serious issues. While we thought problems like this were a thing of the past, it seems they've reared their ugly head in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean Tall Tales expansion.

It appears to be one chapter, in particular, that's stalled a lot of pirates - The Sunken Pearl. It's the second of five Tall Tales and it's ridden with so many bugs it would make certain other games look respectable.

A lot of this mission requires the player to fight enemies and solve puzzles, and with a PVP element in play - it's causing chaos on the high seas. Players are getting stuck, puzzles are being reset, quest items don't load in, events don't activate when they should, players are being spawned in odds spots...the list goes on.

Rare will apparently be addressing some of the "most common issues" with a hotfix but hasn't specified what exactly it's for. It's also got longer-term solutions in the works:

"Attention pirates! While we’ve loved the response to Season Three and Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, we’ve also paid close attention to your feedback. We’ll be addressing some of the most common issues in a hotfix soon as we work on longer-term solutions for others. Stay tuned!"

It's unfortunate because the first chapter of the game gives a taste of a story mode that many fans have been calling for since day one. A lot of players have been forced to play through the same chapter multiple times just to complete it, and some haven't had the same luck just yet. Either way, it's resulted in a lot of angry responses from all corners of the internet:

As a Sea of Thieves player mentions over on the game's "Bug Reports Megathread" subreddit, it's the PVP element that seems to be causing a lot of the issues, and should have been "its own instance":

"This absolutely needs to be its own instance like the first and presumably the rest of the tall tales in this series.

"Not to mention the massive buggy mess that is the ship raising part. If you can somehow make it through all the puzzle rooms with other crews screwing you over constantly, people are glitching through the ship, falling back to the floor. The enemies do not stop spawning and the guy on the hoisting anchor keeps being forced to let go even when he wasn't hit off. And you can't catch the anchor when it falls so you have to start over from the bottom again."

We can confirm these issues are indeed a problem - as they've occurred multiple times during our own play sessions of the same Tall Tale. This expansion is also experiencing problems in other sections as well. Fortunately, Rare is on the case:

How about yourself though? Have you had any luck getting through The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale? How has the rest of the expansion been for you so far? Vote in our poll and leave a comment down below.

How has your experience been with The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale?
How have you found the rest of the expansion so far?