New Xbox 'Game' Turns Your TV Into A Giant Aquarium
Image: Lighthouse Games Studio

Your Xbox can be used for a wide range of things. You can play games, watch films, listen to music, and now, turn it into an Aquarium. The wonders of modern consoles!

A 'game' known as Siamese Fighting Fish has been making some 'waves' in the Xbox Reddit community over the past 24 hours, as it acts as a virtual aquarium. It's perfect for if you have guests over and want to lighten up the living room. It does also include a 'Kung Fu Fighting Fish' mini-game, which we hope is as good as it sounds.

Additionally, you can even tweak a ton of features such as the lighting, fish and even the backdrop. Probably a lot cheaper than arranging the real thing in your own home.

The game is part of something known as the Creators Collection - a category of games that are open to everyone without certification and approval. Because of the lack of requirements, you may run into some issues as a result (one Xbox Series X user has reported a hard reset of their Xbox console with the game), so be warned!

If you're interested in any more titles in the program, we highlighted a large list of free Creators Collection games last year that you can download now. Unfortunately, Siamese Fighting Fish is not one of those titles and will set you back a little bit via the Microsoft Store. There is a sale on the game running for the rest of the day, so grab it if you're interested!

"Mesmerize friends and family by turning your TV into a giant beautiful 3D virtual fish tank. Put a smile on your face as you battle it out in the Kung Fu Fighting Fish mini game!"

Will you be picking up Siamese Fighting Fish to use as a digital aquarium? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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