With every IP under the sun getting the video game treatment these days, it was only a matter of time before Nerf guns were next. For those who hoped they would make their way to Xbox, you're in luck, as Nerf: Legends launches for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S this October.

It's probably no surprise that you'll be shooting down opponents in Nerf: Legends, but its dedication to multiplayer is perhaps a good sign. There will be a single-player campaign across 19 locations, with tons of battles and bosses to take down. However, it looks as though the meat of the game resides in its PvP.

Teams of four, or eight free-for-all players, can battle it out in an array of arena-based modes using an assortment of popular Nerf guns. Cross-platform play is also supported, so if you and your buddies want to team up across different consoles, you're in luck.

"Players will have the chance to gear up with a variety of existing Nerf weapons from the Mega, Ultra, and Elite lines. Developed by GameMill Entertainment, Nerf: Legend's intense single-player campaign will feature a multitude of challenges and boss battles across 19 different locations. Alternatively, players can hop into 4v4 team-based, or eight-player free-for-all online multiplayer matches to put their skills to the test."

The trailer seems to have a staggering amount of dislikes, which we assume is perhaps based on the IP alone rather than the game. In all honesty, it's a concept that could work, and initial trailers for games such as Knockout City also elicited a similar reaction. Sometimes it's best not to judge a book by its cover.

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