Dead Space Remake Could Reportedly Launch Late 2022
Image: EA Games

Dead Space was announced just last month with a brief teaser trailer. Due to not having much to show, many expected to not see the game for a few years at the very least, but according to a new report, it could be coming as early as next year.

The report comes from VentureBeat, which claims sources close to the project have said the game is aiming for a fall of 2022 release window. EA is also reportedly expecting to launch Dead Space during its 2023 fiscal year, which this date would fall neatly within.

Not only that, but it's added the company is also looking to reveal more of the game before the year's end. It's unclear when this could be, with speculation ranging from a random trailer being dropped to an appearance at The Game Awards, but it sounds like this isn't the last we've heard of Dead Space this year.

A recent interview over at EA's official site with the game's creative director (Roman Campos-Oriola) also revealed some new interesting information. Oriola said the game is aiming to be "an uninterrupted sequence shot", something fans of PlayStation's recent God of War reboot will be familiar with.

“And the super-fast SSDs on modern systems allow us to load and unload really fast. Our intention is to offer a fully unbroken experience, it will be an uninterrupted sequence shot, from the start screen to the end credit, without interruption.”

EA Motive, the developer behind the Dead Space remake, is also using fans to help develop the game. A community council has been founded which allows die hard followers of the series to have their input and help in the creative process of the game.

Everything about the Dead Space remake is sounding extremely enticing. It's previously been reported to be something akin to Resident Evil 2 remake, which captured the spirit of the original but drastically changed up some elements to create an entirely new experience. If EA Motive can capture that same magic, then we're on board.

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