Fortnite is no stranger to taking a popular concept and putting it into its own game. The now successful battle royale mode in Fortnite stemmed from the increasing buzz around PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds at the time, and now its new Impostor Mode is eerily similar to Among Us. Its resemblance is so striking that a couple of members of the Among Us team at developer Innersloth have publicly called it out.

Fortnite's new mode sees ten players working together in a secret base to complete tasks. However, one member of the team is an impostor and is working on their own terms to take down other players. Sound familiar?

Gary Porter, a unity programmer on Among Us, was one of the team members to call out the game. Porter shared two images - one of the Among Us map and another of Fortnite's Impostor Mode map. He added he hasn't tweeted recently due to working hard on Among Us, revealing it "feels weird to be compelled to tweet again because of stuff like this".

In a follow-up tweet, Porter said that while he didn't work on the Skeld map personally (the one referenced in the image), he is "still kind of offended".

The game's community director Victoria Tran also spoke out about the new mode, saying it would have been "really, really cool to collab" instead. Tran added that while game mechanics shouldn't be gatekept, other developers should at least incorporate their own ideas into the mix.

It's worth noting that Among Us wasn't the first of its kind, with other tabletop games such as Werewolves Within arriving before it, but without its success, we can't imagine Fortnite would have been inspired to make this mode.

As for when Among Us is arriving on Xbox systems, we're still not sure yet. The game is currently available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, but no word on when its console port will be arriving has been shared. That being said, there are some lovely physical editions of Among Us on Xbox in the pipeline, so hopefully it won't be much longer.

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