It's now been over a year since EA revealed the existence of a brand-new Skate game at last year's EA Play Live 2020, but unfortunately we won't be getting any kind of update on the title at this week's EA Play Live 2021.

In a message on Twitter, the team behind the game explained that "it's still early and we are committed to doing this thing right, which means it's gonna take some time." Here's the message that was shared in full:

However, as you can see above, EA has today shared some very brief behind-the-scenes footage of the mo-cap process for the game, along with initial reactions from playtesters who have been fortunate enough to try it. There's not really much to take out of this for now, aside from one guy who mentions it "reminds me of Skate 2".

It could be a while before we lay eyes on Skate 4, but hopefully we'll at least get a slither of footage before the end of the year. In the meantime, we'll happily keep playing the ever-popular Skate 3 via Xbox backwards compatibility.

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