Just when you think Bright Memory: Infinite couldn't look any more ludicrous, a new trailer comes along. This time we have cars being used as wrecking balls, gargantuan monsters appearing out of the ground, and grapple hooks latching onto moving planes.

The fast-paced FPS is due to hit Xbox Series X and Series S later this year, bringing a mixture of melee and gun-based combat to the forefront. As shown in the trailer, there won't be much downtime, as you tackle a variety of enemies through a mixture of melee attacks with your sword, before laying down some devastating firepower.

However, there will be some instances where stealth is your best option, and again, the trailer shows that in full swing. While it all appears to be PC gameplay, we have no doubt the Xbox Series versions will look stunning.

We also got another trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite last month, which again, was an absolute bonkers look into the upcoming game. There's no confirmed release date outside of the 2021 window, but with the year quickly closing in, no doubt we'll hear more in the coming months. Be sure to check out the first game on Xbox Series X and Series S if you have the chance, which we previously highlighted last year as a "very affordable launch title."

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