Ubisoft Is Suddenly Teasing Beyond Good & Evil 2 Again On Twitter
Image: Ubisoft

Every Ubisoft presentation and E3, fans are hoping to hear more about Beyond Good & Evil 2 - the long awaited sequel which seems to be stuck in a bit of development hell. Some believed the game had ultimately been canned after its lack of an appearance at E3 this year, but it still seems to be alive and kicking judging by recent tweets from Ubisoft.

To celebrate World UFO Day, two of Ubisoft's accounts in the Netherlands and Belgium posted to mark the occasion. But what makes it interesting is how they've incorporated a spaceship from Beyond Good & Evil 2, along with a hashtag to promote the game. Guess it's still on the table, huh?

Last year Ubisoft said they aimed to show the game in action this year, but E3 has come and gone and we haven't seen anything. Industry insider Jason Schreier also weighed in on the game during a podcast last month, in which he claimed the game is still in "very early development". It's been a fair few years since we've seen it in action, so it would be nice to get a look and some reassurance it's still coming. But hey, at least they're still acknowledging it.

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