There's been a lot of interest in The Forgotten City, which releases this Wednesday and is a reimagining of the Skyrim mod of the same name, turning it from an action-RPG into a mystery adventure title.

Keep in mind this has been developed by a core team of just three people, so it's not a major AAA release by any means, but the developers say "if you liked the mod, you’re going to love the stand-alone game".

The first reviews have dropped today, and here's what the critics are saying so far:

TheGamer (4.5/5)

Ultimately, though, The Forgotten City is one of those games that will inspire other games for years to come. It’s absurd to think it was mostly developed by a three-person team, and yet the clear, unanimous focus a team this small permits is evident throughout the entire game.

Windows Central (4/5)

"The Forgotten City tells an enchanting tale of mystery and intrigue, and deserves the attention of any player that loves a good story."

COG Connected (8/10)

"Choices matter, both in life and in The Forgotten City, which uses ancient Roman beliefs about morality, ethics, and law to subtly comment on our present-day conflicts. But it’s never heavy-handed and what you’ll mostly pay attention to are the characters and their needs, your own objectives, the mysterious city, and the clever way time loops and puzzle-solving work together. Whether you play it once or try for the multiple alternative endings, The Forgotten City is a unique adventure."

Noisy Pixel (7.5/10)

"The Forgotten City brings out the adventurer in all of us and showcases just how capable mods can be. While the runtime is kept short, multiple endings increased replay value for a few more days spent in the ruins. In addition, there’s an impressive degree of detail put into these characters that only falters in some aspects of the general gameloop."

The reviews across the board have been highly impressive! No Metacritic score has been calculated at the time of writing, but The Forgotten City is currently sitting at a Top Critic Average of 83 on OpenCritic.

The Forgotten City is now available to pre-order on the Microsoft Store for £24.99 / $29.99 ahead of tomorrow's release.

Will you be checking out The Forgotten City on Xbox this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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