Respawn Is Working On A 'Brand-New, Single-Player Adventure'
Image: Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind Apex Legends, Titanfall and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, has announced it's working on a brand-new single-player adventure game, currently in its early stages.

This was revealed on Twitter by Respawn creative director Mohammed Alavi, who described the team working on the project as "small, but ambitious with a history of dreaming big and making splashes."

As you can see, Respawn is currently hiring for the game, and the job listings indicate that this is "a designer’s dream playground with a freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe it inhabits".

It sounds like the process of development has only just begun according to the job listings, but given Respawn's excellent track record, we're very keen to get more details about this ASAP. We'd like another Titanfall too, though!

What are you hoping this turns out to be? Give us your thoughts down in the comments below.

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