Guardians Of The Galaxy Themed Series X Controller Designs
Image: POPeArt

We've seen some some fantastic fan-designed Xbox consoles and controller design mock-ups over the years. While these usually don't see the light of day, we can at least fantasise over some truly wonderful designs that we wish were real. The most recent example is a series of Guardians of the Galaxy mock-ups, and we want the whole set.

Designed by Twitter user POPeArt, each of the main five heroes has their own unique controller design, making them instantly recognisable. Our favourites are definitely Rocket Racoon and Drax, each packing a colourful and eye-catching wrapping on the controller. We're not too sure about the Groot one, however. Having him stare back at us makes us feel a little uncomfortable.

As you can see, they're gorgeous and we would love nothing more than for these to become a reality. Some of POPeArt's (formerly known as Xbox Pope) creations have come to life in the past, so you never know!

What do you think of these Guardian of the Galaxy controller designs? Let us know in the comments below.