Halo: The Master Chief Collection has a pretty loyal fanbase who are quietly biding their time until the upcoming Halo Infinite. With multiplayer games you often hear horror stories as to how toxic the communities can be - especially to new players. But this Reddit thread has reminded us just how lovely the Halo community can prove, as a team came together and allowed the enemy to win, due to a player being left to fight on his own.

In a lot of situations, players would have taken it upon themselves to simply get some easy kills on the poor lone player, but this team did the opposite. Reddit user DigiPall shared the video, showing how they grouped up and made it happen, but the best part is that he claims he didn't even know two of the players on his team, they just joined in the fun.

With almost 300 comments on the Reddit thread, players are respecting how wholesome the Halo community can be and sharing their own experiences. As put perfectly by DigiPall: "I think Halo has one of better gaming communities. We can still be toxic, just from the nature of Xbox Live, but definitely one of the better ones."

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